Frequently Asked Questions 

School’s Location:

The Wonder School is located at 4 Betzalel Yafe off Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv.  Near the school, there are a few parking spaces reserved for unloading children as well as some pay-and-display spaces. If you are unable to find parking for drop-off or pick-up, parents can call the school and a teacher will be happy to bring your child into the school or escort them out to your car.

The school runs Sunday through Thursday from 7:30AM­ to 4:30PM. 

Friday Club:
The first 3 Fridays of every month will be offered to families at an additional cost and run from 8:30AM to ­12:30PM.  These Fridays will be run by an auxiliary staff and include special programming and activities, including a school­-wide Shabbat celebration. On the last Friday of the month, there will be a Family Trip for all school children and their families.

Child/Teacher Ratio:
The child to teacher ratio is 5:1 in the younger groups with a maximum of 15 children and 6:1 in our older groups with a maximum of 18 children in each group.  We use a co-­teaching model where the three teachers remain in their native language throughout the day (English/Hebrew).

Educational Philosophy:
We are inspired by the world-renowned Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education.

Outdoor Space:
At the Wonder School, we believe children have the right to be outside as much as possible. We are fortunate to have 200 square meters of private garden encircling the building. This outdoor classroom is home to, among other things, mud kitchen, mini­-atelier, water wall, area to explore urban nature and community gathering site.

We provide two healthy snacks (prepared with the help of the children) and a nutritious lunch cooked on site.  The goal is to facilitate a bond between the children and food that fosters healthy eating habits and a positive attitude towards food.  Our focus is on delicious, wholesome food that is presented in aesthetically pleasing ways, served on real dishes at a beautifully set table, and enjoyed in the company of good friends.

Recreational Classes (chugim):
We offer two outside chugim as part of our weekly schedule. These chugim are chosen based on the children’s interests and current curriculum and will change throughout the year.

Together as a community we celebrate important moments in the Jewish and Israeli calendar. These holidays are a time for asserting a feeling of connection, remembering our national history, and honoring the beauty of tradition.  With that said, The Wonder School embraces families from all cultural and religious backgrounds. We welcome any opportunity to expose the children to holidays, rituals, and traditions that they may not be familiar with in their home life. Families are always welcome to come in and present an aspect of their culture to the children.