Why “Wonder”
The Meaning Behind our School’s Name

When searching for a school name, we turned to our community of parents and teachers, asking them to articulate their view of the school’s unique and special approach to learning and engagement with children.

One parent wrote us saying:

When I came to visit your school for the first time, I was blown away by how your teachers engaged with the children. The questions teachers asked and the opportunities they opened for exploration, literally caused the children to light up with wonder. The kids had an agency that I had never seen in another school. What more could I ask for than to be able to provide my daughter with that same experience, day in and day out? My suggestion for a new school name can be no other than the word “Wonder,” for that is the gift you give our children every day.
— Parent

For us, the word Wonder captured the essence of what we work tirelessly every day to bring to our children’s experiences. Wonder is the basis for creativity. Wonder is how we develop the new or make something better. Wonder is how we look critically at the world and then engage it. We could think of no other name that captured the essence of who we are.

After announcing the new name, one of our teachers wrote:

All humans are filled with wonder, especially children. Whether they’re discovering something such as what happens when we add color to fresh play dough; or wondering what a seed looks like while it’s growing underground - there are countless moments during a child’s day that are filled with wonder and imagination - and at the end of the day, our school is about fostering wonder, curiosity and imagination.
— Miriam, Group 3 Teacher

When the name was presented to the children, Cate (5 years old) contemplated what the word meant and responded:

Every human thinks of something or wonders something and then he can make everything exactly how they want it to be; and then it will come out of their brain and then he could show everybody what he imagined.
— Cate (5 Years Old)

In another small group, a teacher was exploring the new school name with children and asked them to draw what Wonder meant to them. Julian (5 years old) drew an image of a child and then circled the child with a line. When he was asked what he drew he replied:

The orange circle is what he is thinking now. The green line is what he then builds.
— Julian (5 Years Old)

Our Logo

When creating our new logo, we took inspiration from Julian’s drawing, turning the O in Wonder into two overlapping circles, capturing the essence of a child and the wonder surrounding the child through which they engage and shape their world.   

Julian (5 Years Old) graphical depiction of what the word “wonder'“ means to him

Julian (5 Years Old) graphical depiction of what the word “wonder'“ means to him

“O” from the Wonder logo inspired by Julian’s drawing

“O” from the Wonder logo inspired by Julian’s drawing


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