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The Journey: Early Childhood Center (The JECC) is committed to providing quality values-based Jewish early childhood education and bilingual language immersion to children across a broad spectrum of backgrounds, cultures, and socioeconomic status. We believe that access to high quality early childhood education is the right of every child regardless of socioeconomic background and, furthermore, exposure to English immersion from an early age should be open to all segments of society. We are therefore committed to providing both financial assistance and scholarships to those who cannot afford to pay the full tuition.  This model of community and inclusion extends to all aspects of personal identity – children with different cultural backgrounds, native languages, learning styles, and religious affiliations all have a place, and a voice, at The JECC.


In Israel, the vast majority of private nursery schools operate using a for-profit business model. The time has come for a new paradigm, one in which the financial structure of the school allows decisions to be based not on profit margins or availability of resources, but on best educational practice above all else. A model in which qualified and passionate teachers join together with committed parents and members of the outside community to create a teaching environment that is innovative, nurturing, respectful, enriching and supportive. As The JECC grows and flourishes, it is our hope that its core values and pedagogic methods will spread beyond the four walls of the school, helping to usher the State of Israel into a new era of progressive education for young children. By supporting The JECC, you become a traveler on this journey of innovation and change with us.

For more information about supporting The JECC, please contact JECC Director of Pedagogy Rachel Fink at